What We Do

Integrated Capital

Identify and design strategies for integrated capital investing programs, including sourcing, due diligence, mission-alignment, risk and return assessment, and diversification. Learn how grants can complement investment. Expertise in healthy food and agriculture, Indigenous Peoples, community-based organizations, and climate solutions.

Transformative 25 Initiative

Identifies funds (and banks, initiatives etc.) making finance work for people and planet. Offered as inspiration to philanthropists, investors, and entrepreneurs, this list of 25 funds is a library for learning about innovative finance.

Systems and Networks

Innovate systems and programs for grantmaking, advocacy, and collaboration that leverage dollars, knowledge and ideas. Build and facilitate diverse, inclusive networks of allies, alliances, advisors, board and staff to ensure mission impact

Who We Are

Jennifer Astone

Jen is nationally recognized for her integrated capital work that champions people and planet-centered businesses, communities and entrepreneurs. After 20 years of foundation leadership supporting human rights, gender justice, and health and environmental issues with grants and leadership, Jen has incorporated investing into her strategies for equity and transformation. Her expertise includes cross- cultural competency,climate solutions, healthy food, and Indigenous Peoples. Before launching Integrated Capital Strategies, Jen led Swift Foundation for over eight years.

We Can Help

We can help you to

  • advance philanthropic work by mobilizing endowment capital
  • train and support board and staff members to think differently
  • demystify the returns and risks of integrated capital
  • identify resources and expertise
  • build networks of allied practitioners
  • increase impact for greater equity and a healthier planet


  • Cooperative Fund of the Northeast Interview with Micha Josephy; Executive Director How was the Cooperative Fund of the Northeast Created?  Micha: During the mid-1970s, community-owned grocery stores (food co-ops) were launching and expanding healthy food access and food sovereignty across the region, but couldn’t access......

  • Foodshed Capital Loan Fund Interview with Michael Reilly; Co-Founder and Executive Director Jen: How was Foodshed Capital Loan Fund Created?  Michael: Michael Reilly founded the fund to help human-scale farmers access fair, patient and affordable capital Jen: How are your investment funds catalytic in a......

  • IMPAQTO Capital Interview with Justin Schwartz, Managing Partner How was IMPAQTO Capital Created? Justin: IMPAQTO Capital was created by Michelle Arévalo-Carpenter and Justin Schwartz as a spin off of IMPAQTO, an ecosystem builder based in Ecuador that has been a key player in the development of the social......


Past Clients

Organizations we have worked for and with

  • Africa Grantmakers Affinity Group
  • African Development Foundation
  • AgroEcology Fund
  • Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa
  • Avant!
  • Biovision Foundation
  • Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • Casey and Family Foundation
  • CS Fund / Warsh Mott Legacy
  • Cultural Survival
  • EDGE Funders Alliance
  • Exponent Philanthropy
  • First Peoples Worldwide
  • Global Alliance for the Future of Food
  • Global Fund for Women
  • Just Economy Institute
  • Land is Life
  • New Field Foundation
  • Nourish n
  • Rocking Moon Foundation
  • Skees Family Foundation
  • Swift Foundation
  • The Christensen Fund
  • United Nations Fund for Gender Equality
Mobilizing Human and Financial Capital for a Healthy People and Planet