Call for Applications – T25 Funds

Announcing Call for Funds to Apply for

The Transformative 25 in 2022

25 funds transforming finance for people and planet

Application Form Link Here


A list of funds transforming the economy for social, environmental, and economic justice. They employ a mix of sound financial structures to overcome barriers and transform how capital is invested to benefit all people and the planet. The Transformative 25 fund list (T25 Funds), blog, and webinars document how funds use deep impact strategies such as: long-term capital, culturally-informed technical assistance, capacity building, blended capital, alternative impact indicators, recoverable grants, and creative finance terms to advance systemic change.


Our purpose is to uplift integrated capital funds driving capital toward regenerative, restorative economic and ecological systems. We share the work of the T25 Funds as examples of investment vehicles for mission-aligned investors and foundations. We focus on uplifting their stories of catalytic capital as a path toward a Just Transition.


We seek a mix of funds, including start-ups. If your fund has the organizational capacity and structures to move capital for regenerative and restorative equity, please apply.

How to Apply?

Fill out the google form linked here. We estimate it will take 60-90 minutes.


The review committee will review, select, and publish the list of transformative fund opportunities (T25 Funds). From this list, we create opportunities for the funds to meet and educate interested investors. We published the Transformative 25 List in 2021, increased awareness of the funds with a webinar and blog series, and offered funds an opportunity to learn from a peer cohort of funds.


Friday, January 28, 2022.The committee will review applications from January 28 – February 18. Questions? Contact Jen Astone at, 831-247-7305.

Transformative 25 Review Committee Members

Application Form Link Here

Questions below are for your reference

Fill out a separate application for each fund you wish to have considered even if it is managed by the same entity. Note that even if you have not raised or invested funds yet, your fund will be considered for inclusion.

Short answer

  1. Name / Contact for the Fund
  2. Title / Role at Fund
  3. Phone
  4. Name of Fund
  5. When was the fund founded?
  6. What is the fund’s investment thesis or essence? (in 50 words or less)
  7. Where does the fund work? (be as specific as possible in the geography / scope)
  8. How many investments has the fund made to date (including the pilot fund)?
  9. How many dollars has the fund raised to date (including philanthropic support)?
  10. How many investors and donors have contributed to the fund and operations to date?
  11. Check all boxes that apply (a way to help investors find funds)
    1. BIPOC-led (at least 50% leadership is BIPOC identifying)
    2. Climate change solutions-focused
    3. Seeks to redress gender, race or power inequalities
    4. Global in orientation
    5. Other, please describe in #12
  12. Please explain your answer in 11.e.

Open-ended questions (125 words for each question, include investment examples)

  1. Why was the fund started and by whom?
  2. How does the fund use different forms of support and capital (e.g., financial, relational, social, etc.) to reach businesses and communities?
  3. How does the fund advance racial, gender, climate, and/or income justice?
  4. How is the investment fund catalytic in a way that is different from other funds? (feel free to add up to 250 words)
    1. How does the fund shift power? (e.g., non-traditional credit evaluation, creative finance for the unbanked, etc.)
    2. What is transformational about the businesses and entrepreneurs you invest in?
  5. How do you describe the non-financial returns the fund offers? (e.g., access to finance for the unbanked, regenerative outcomes, increased well-being, etc.)
  6.  How do you measure success considering the systemic risks the world is facing? Or What is the risk of not investing in your fund?
  7. Optional: What qualities are you seeking in a mission-aligned investor?