Upcoming Webinar

Join me on Wednesday, May 27 for my first webinar – Integrated Capital: 13 Strategies for Action.

I will offer an overview of key strategies used by foundations to invest in the economy and influence finance. This introductory webinar is for philanthropic program officers, trustees, donors, and investors.

At this webinar, you will discover action strategies through a series of questions. I will cover key resources, provide example investments, and highlight foundations tackling issues such as climate change, racial justice, and healthy food systems through bank deposits, shareholder resolutions, and private equity placements among other approaches.

With the advent of the coronavirus, increasing grant payouts is absolutely essential. Moreover, foundations need additional impact tools like investment capital to transform our broken financial system. Join me to learn how investments, grants and leadership can catalyze change and foster a healthy people and planet.


  • Learn about 13 strategies for catalyzing financial change
  • Discover vetted key resources and example investments
  • Uncover pioneering foundations and their lessons for the field
  • Strengthen your rationale for why integrated capital makes sense now
  • Come away with a sense of inspiration for the future

Required skills

  • Willingness to learn and challenge yourself
  • 75 minutes of your day
  • No financial background necessary

When and How?

Zoom Webinar
Wednesday, May 27th
1:00 -2:15 pm Pacific Time – 75 minutes
Register at Eventbrite.
Tickets are $0 to $60 – please see below.

In this time of great economic stress, I want to ensure broad participation and I am offering this webinar on a sliding scale, all the way to free. Please pay what you can afford.