What I’m reading

Underlying transformative philanthropy is the ability to stretch the imagination and challenge our mindsets. Here are some notable readings for philanthropy:

  • Soil Wealth busts the myth that regenerative agriculture investments are nonexistent. In a comprehensive report on investments in regenerative agriculture, their team of researchers document 127 investments of $321 billion in sustainable agriculture and “identifies 67 distinct investment mechanisms, instruments, and approaches for further developing regenerative agriculture capital opportunities” to build soil health and community well-being.
  • Land Is Life, partnering with 10 Indigenous organizations, released Pueblos Indigenas en Aislaminento, a breakthrough report on the situation of Indigenous Peoples Living in voluntary isolation. They document “more than double the number of Indigenous groups living in voluntary isolation than previously formally recognized.” As I consider efforts to protect burning rainforests for healthier climate, the report underscores how critical intact rainforests are to the survival of Indigenous Peoples.
  • A joint initiative by Native Americans in Philanthropy and Candid, Investing in Native Communities documents the low levels of philanthropic funding (0.4% by large foundations) to Native American communities. Through a narrative, timeline, and stories of successful investments, this initiative provides necessary resources for educating philanthropy.